[Mono-list] First try at MoMA

"Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ] "Andrés G. Aragoneses [ knocte ]
Mon Nov 27 11:28:35 EST 2006


I have been trying this wonderful application and I have come out with 
some very strange warnings at scanning some free software projects (like 
log4net or NHibernate):

 >Type Exception.GetType(): method not yet in Mono

This is very strange, because it seems a very basic Method.

CodeDomProvider.CompileAssemblyFromSource(CompilerParameters, String[])

I have noticed that recently there have been many commits as SVN 
completing the CodeDomProvider namespace. Is normal that this method is 
not implemented yet?

 >EndPoint Socket.get_RemoteEndPoint()
 >void WebRequest.set_Credentials(ICredentials)
 >WebResponse WebRequest.GetResponse()
 >void WebRequest.set_Proxy(IWebProxy)

This three seemed too common to throw NotImplementedException, am I right?

Besides these ones, I have noticed that Log4Net uses some appenders that 
are platform specific: ColoredConsoleAppender (kernel32.dll), 
LocalSysLogAppender (libc), NetSendAppender(netapi32.dll). Ok with that, 
but these others seem not platform specific (because they are at Util 
namespace) though they depend on Kernel32.dll:

 >Class log4net.Appender.OutputDebugStringAppender:
 >void Append(LoggingEvent)	void OutputDebugString(string)	>Kernel32.dll
 >Class log4net.Util.NativeError:
 >string GetErrorMessage(int)	int FormatMessage(int, IntPtr&, int, >int, 
String&, int, IntPtr)	Kernel32.dll

Is it normal?

After that, inspecting some projects of mine that use WinForms and 

 >void TabPage.set_Location(Point)
 >Object SettingsBase.get_Item(string)
 >void XmlSerializationWriter.WriteStartElement(string, string, Object, 
bool, XmlSerializerNamespaces)
 >int XmlSerializationReader.get_ReaderCount()
 >void XmlSerializationReader.CheckReaderCount(Int32&, Int32&)
 >void HttpWebClientProtocol.CancelAsync(Object)

And finally, one that should be nice to (at least) commit a stub for:
 >Object SettingsBase.get_Item(string)

Thanks for any guidance.


	Andrés	[ knocte ]


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