[Mono-list] Info mod_mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Fri Nov 24 18:57:30 EST 2006


> I have a problem with mod_mono and apache2.
> I have a Sun Netra T1 UltraSparc with Linux Ubuntu Server.
> I have the mono framework installed and mod_mono is running.
> But the requests takes like 10 seconds to complete.
> Then I tested the website with xsp instead of mod_mono and the same problem.
> Why is the xsp webserver so slow on my Netra T1? Because of the memory?(128 mb).
> What can I do to speed up things?

There was a bug in older Mono versions that slowed things down on SPARC.
You might want to update.

10 seconds might be about right for a slow machine for the first hit (as
the first hit invokes the compiler), but should be faster for subsequent

Our experience with the T1 has been less than stellar, we had high hopes
for it, but it is a very slow machine.   

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