[Mono-list] xsp/mod_mono and zombie processes

Jurek Bartuszek koxta at koxta.net
Thu Nov 23 18:06:19 EST 2006

Jurek Bartuszek napisał(a):
> Hi again,
> I think I mentioned this problem here a while ago but got no response,
> so I've decided to post a message about it once more. The problem is
> that every time an asp.net request is successfully processed (e.g.
> accessing http://localhost/~user/index.aspx), some new zombie processes
> are being listed in the list of processes

now I'm sure it's an xsp, not mod_mono related problem. I ran xsp,
accessed the web page at localhost:8000 and got new zombie processes.
Any ideas?

Best regards,
Jurek 'Koxta' Bartuszek

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