[Mono-list] Auto restart of mod-mono/XSP

Ben Clewett ben at roadrunner.uk.com
Wed Nov 22 09:51:19 EST 2006

Sorry if this has been answered many times before, but...

Would anybody know how to automatically restart XSP under mod_mono 
without using the mono-pannel or re-starting Apache?

I can see the command line:

/usr/bin/mono \
	/usr/lib/xsp/1.0/mod-mono-server.exe \
	--filename /tmp/....... \
	--applications .......

But killing and calling this does not work.  I guess I need to instruct 
mod_mono to re-make it's connection to XSP...

Or is there a way to ask XSP to re-load it's applications?

Or a nice script to call the mono-pannel if nothing else?

Any solutions are very welcome!


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