[Mono-list] MonoSetServerAlias problem

Joshua Tauberer jit at occams.info
Tue Nov 21 20:54:58 EST 2006

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
>> Seems like a patch that fixed other issues has broken all these.
>> I will revert the patch and try to address the original issue in other
>> way.
> Do we know what the original issue was?
> For now, lets revert the patch.

The issue started when I patched mod_mono on October 5:

2006-10-05 Joshua Tauberer <jit at occams.info>
      * src/mod_mono.c: Prefix every alias with the name of the vhost.
      XXGLOBALs between vhosts were getting mixed up.

I can't remember exactly what the problem was that lead me to that,
except that none of my vhosts were working.  I think I was explicitly
using AddMonoApplications in each vhost, without turning auto-hosting
off.  The configuration went to one mod-mono-server, but the requests
went to another, and so nothing worked.

- Josh Tauberer


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