[Mono-list] How to make FYIDesigner to work or find reportdesigner for mono

Andrus kobruleht2 at hot.ee
Mon Nov 20 10:46:48 EST 2006

> This trace looks like a binary incompatibility in the resource file
> format.
> We have bee using fyireporting as a test case for Winforms, but we have
> not encountered this problem, because we built it on Linux.
> Use prj2make to turn the solution files into Makefiles, and then build
> with Make.   
> There might have been a change or two to the Makefile, I cant remember.

FYI Designer latest release contains the code

              public static extern bool LockWindowUpdate(IntPtr hWndLock); 
Will this work in MONO ?

If not, how to add conditional compilation switch to this code ?


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