[Mono-list] Embedding Mono

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Wed Nov 15 12:46:35 EST 2006


What is the correct way to initialize the Mono JIT for v2.0 without  
using an assembly? Is this a missing feature?

Usually I'd call mono_jit_init(assemblyPath) which calls mini_init 
(assemblyPath) which calls mono_init_from_assembly(assemblyPath,  
assemblyPath), resulting in a MonoDomain whose version depends on the  
assembly at assemblyPath or otherwise is v1.1. If I just called  
mono_init_version("MyNativeApp", "v2.0....") I'd get the domain I  
want but the JIT wouldn't get initialized...
So should I use mono_jit_init, then cleanup the resulting v1.1 domain  
and create a new v2.0 one? The side-effects of all this are unclear  
to me and I'd hate to include a dummy assembly just for the correct  
version to be detected.


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