[Mono-list] Port to symbian?

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Fri Nov 10 09:39:27 EST 2006

Hi Thomas,

> Found the question about Symbian in the below posting - Would just  
> like to add a vote. Mobility is key - am I wrong when I say most  
> new applications has a mobility perspective?  We should have at  
> least an official opinion on this?
> Thomas

Hearing and finding nothing new on the topic, apart from another  
commercial CLI implementation, I have begun to write a small CLI  
interpreter for Symbian OS - I recently spent about a week getting  
from an mcs-compiled assembly to it writing its Hello World string to  
the console - last part is still a hack with all calls treated as  
calls to void Console.WriteLine(System.String), a not-type-safe stack  
and no compiling mscorlib yet and as a console app with static  
variables it only runs in the simulator. Anyway, I could share the  
code if there is interest.

I figured Mono was way too big for my phone and Symbian OS only  
includes a POSIX compatibility library and otherwise uses C++  
libraries along with its own conventions, so porting Mono directly  
seemed problematic at least.

Helpful for any such effort would be if Mono's mcs were less tied to  
Microsofts .NET - for example it emits a non-standard version string  
and requires me to complete a number of classes before compiling  
mscorlib even if I don't use them yet...


> http://lists.ximian.com/pipermail/mono-list/2006-August/032404.html
> > I would like to know if somebody is working in porting mono to
> > symbian OS.   Is there any work in progress around it?
> I'd be interested to hear that, too!
> The only related product I know of is AppForge Crossfire (http://
> www.appforge.com/products/crossfire/index.html), which is commercial.
> Mono does appear to support the ARM processor (http://www.mono-
> project.com/Mono:ARM); the biggest issue I see is that the memory
> management is considerably different on Symbian OS (cleanup stack),
> and non-constant global variables are problematic.
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