[Mono-list] runtime-error on arm-linux

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Thu Nov 9 16:14:59 EST 2006

On 11/08/06 Harald Jordan wrote:
> i successfully (at least I think so) compiled mono- for the 

You should use mono 1.1.18 or the just released 1.2.

> PXA255 (XScale) hey - that was quit hard.

I suggest using scratchbox to cross-compile mono and any other app
if you can't afford the time to compile on the target system.

> to run on the embedded device following error occurs:
> arget/mono/bin # ./arm-linux-mono cs1
> cannot open assembly cs1

You need to use cs1.exe here, obviously.

> Unhandled Exception: System.TypeInitializationException: An exception 
> was thrown by the type initializer for 
> System.Runtime.Remoting.Contexts.Context ---> System.ArgumentException: 
> Size is too big
> in <0x00140> System.Collections.Hashtable:.ctor (Int32 capacity, Single 
> loadFactor, IHashCodeProvider hcp, IComparer comparer)
> Is there anyone out there who can help me because by now I have no idea what's
> wrong. On an native x86 mono-installation under SuSE this application 
> runs perfect.

You may be using an arm system with the new EABI instead of the
current Linux ABI. The new ABI uses soft-float/vfp instead of the FPA
floating point instruction set. Soft-float is not yet implemented in the
mono JIT, though I'm working on it. In the meantime you should likely
use the current/old ABI.


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