[Mono-list] mono-core problem

Mario Munda mario.munda at amis.net
Thu Nov 9 10:36:10 EST 2006


I wrote a programm, which runs under FreeBSD, and it is some kind of a 
real-time program, because it newer stops.

1. There is a problem with a file mono.core which (mono) creates under / 
or /$home/.

This file grows very big (last time i checked it was 1.7G), so i had to 
delete it by my self.

What is this file, and how to disable the creation of this file?

2. I'm using sockets to send/receive data over UDP, and there are some 
"errors" which appear on the screen : "WARNING **: _wapi_sendto: Need to 
translate 64 [Host is down] into winsock error".

What are this messages, and how to stop them?

Thnx, Mario.

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