[Mono-list] Mono app on Solaris taking 100% CPU

k2k2e6 pawan at pinger.org
Wed Nov 8 16:13:54 EST 2006

This may be related to my other post on Mono apps working really slowly or
dumping core on Solaris 8. I have already filed a bug for it:

What I am seeing (after putting a lot of Console.WriteLines and using mono
--trace option) that the application is stuck on raising an event (of the
sort declared in a class: public event EventHandler MyEvent) and CPU
consumption goes to 100%, all other threads are sleep, the program hangs
like this for 5-10 minutes and then the event callback gets called or we get
a core dump. During this time, if I turn the trace on, I see a lot of wapi
calls, nano_sleep calls being made. I have more details in the bug report.

Does anyone else in this group has insight on what could be happening? I am
using Mono 1.1.18 and Solaris Sparc 8. There is plenty of memory available
and when program gets into this state, only thing it consumes is CPU (there
is no memory activity as seen from vmstat command)

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