[Mono-list] XSP and Bin Directory

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Nov 7 13:32:59 EST 2006

John Anderson wrote:
> I was wondering if there is a reason XSP doesn't load libraries that
> are in its Bin\ directory?
> I created a simple web application with 1 page "HelloWorld.aspx"  and
> it calls the library in its Bin\ Directory   HelloWorldApi.Say("Hi
> World");  and I get "Can't find HelloWorldApi"  even though its in the
> bin directory.   So then I created a global.asax file:

Your sample can't enumerate the assembly because it doesn't
reference any type from this assembly at compile time.

Put a namespace Foo { ... } around the code of HelloWorldApi,
and import the namespace using

<%@ Import namespace="Foo" %>

at the top of global.asax.


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