[Mono-list] Mononetwork Project

Christian Castillo Estrada christian_mauricio83 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 2 16:31:56 EST 2006

Hi Friends!!

My name is Christian Castillo, I'm from mexico. Currently I'm developing a 
project called Mononetwork which is port of gnome-network to platform .NET 
using mono C# and Gtk#. The goal is provide a set network client tool (ping, 
tracerouet, portscan, etc) which works on gnu/linux, windows and macos.

The project is pre-realesed version and we need peolple who wants to 
participate in it.

The home page is www.gdasoftware.com/mononetwork
We have a cvs repository registered in Forge Novell.

Christian Castillo
cmce at unach.mx
Chiapas, Mexico.

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