[Mono-list] Deployment assistance

Rodney J. Dyer rjdyer at vcu.edu
Fri Nov 3 13:23:34 EST 2006

Lee wrote:
>> Having never had a Windows machine, can someone point me in 
>> the direction of how I can deploy my mono-gtk# apps on 
>> Windows.  Is it possible to associate the mono runtime with 
>> the *.exe in XP so that the users do not have to fire up the 
>> mono console?  Links and advice appreciated.
>> Rodney
> I would recommand InnoSetup if your looking for a setup compiler:
> http://www.jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php
> Written in Delphi with source available.  This is my preferred setup
> builder.  
> I think you have to use a batch file or something to get it to run or create
> a link (inno will do it for you) that points to your exe to place on the
> startmenu or desktop.
> I'm new to mono myself...sorry couldn't be more help.
> ---
> Warm Regards,
> Lee


Thanks for the info, I'll look into it. However, I am looking for
something a little more basal to that.  On Linux/OSX, we can make a
shell script as:

exec /usr/bin/mono PREFIX/lib/APPLICATION/app.exe "$@"

and chmod it as an executable.  Then the user can just run the script
and everything just starts up and runs (can even double click on it in
GNOME..).  Some of my students are having a tough time with the whole
Program->Mono->MonoConsole->cd to appropriate directory and then mono
App.exe routine.  I was hoping that there was a similar script on
Windows that could be deployed so the app can maintain the layout as
recommended in



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