[Mono-list] known problems with multi-processor Sparc platform?

Andy Waddell awaddell at fnfr.com
Thu Nov 2 16:10:16 EST 2006

We have a mono application which works fine for us on Solaris Sparc in
house, but is causing a core dump from mono in the field.  Our system is
a Sparc 5, single processor system.  Our customer has a huge 8-processor
Sparc with 16G of RAM.  Before I file a bug or anything, I'm wondering
if there are any know limitations with such a configuration.  RAM > 4G
comes to mind, but I don't really know enough about the internals of how
mono interfaces to the OS (Solaris in this case) to know whether or not
I should expect it to work.


We using 1.1.18


We can probably get away with not supporting some configurations if
there are know problems that are unlikely to get fixed in this area.

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