[Mono-list] .NET Hosting Suggestions?

David P. Donahue ddonahue at ccs.neu.edu
Wed May 31 13:07:45 EDT 2006

Not sure how off-topic this is for this group, but I'll ask anyway just 

Can anyone recommend a good (and low-priced, if possible) web host for 
hosting .NET web applications?

I ask because my friend and I have been working on and testing a site as 
part of a small business endeavor.  We're going to host it 100% 
ourselves eventually, but need to kick-start the income a bit in order 
to budget a production-class web server and commercial internet 
connection.  So what we need is a host where we can run our .NET website 
(which, in and of itself, is pretty simple), a database for it to 
reference where we can, of course, have control over our tables (MySQL 
would be preferred, but not entirely necessary), and be able to use an 
outbound SMTP service to go along with .NET's Mail object in the code (a 
minor concern, but necessary for the site to do its stuff).

Ideally, we'd want something more geared towards geeks, where we can 
keep the whole thing simple and avoid all the marketing speak.

I've never actually used 3rd party hosting before, so I honestly don't 
even know where to look.  Of course, Google searches for things like 
".NET web hosting" return about half the internet.  And I'd much rather 
have a first-hand account of someone who's been happy with a particular 
one, for whatever reasons.

Any advice would be much appreciated.  Thank you.

-David P. Donahue
ddonahue at ccs.neu.edu

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