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Nikki Locke nikki at trumphurst.com
Sat May 27 15:07:42 EDT 2006

Jonathan Pryor wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-05-26 at 19:45 +0100, Nikki Locke wrote:
>> In view of the fact that this is a critical application, which would
>> you recommend as being more stable?
>> SVN head + Windows Forms
>> SVN head + GTK
>> 1.1.15 with GTK
>> 1.1.13.x (shown as "stable" on the web page) with GTK
> 1.1.13.x + Gtk#, followed by 1.1.15 + Gtk#.
> If you stick to 1.1.13.x, you'll be able to use Novell SUSE Linux 10.1
> without any changes, as that's the bundled version.

Thanks for the advice - I will definitely talk to the boss about switching
to GTK.

We use CentOS, not SUSE.

Pity, really, it would be nice to feel we paid some of your wages, seeing
as you are working so hard for us :-)

Nikki Locke, Trumphurst Ltd.      PC & Unix consultancy & programming

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