[Mono-list] Domain host considering hosting Mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Fri May 26 16:39:07 EDT 2006


> Is there a document somewhere that targets this specific audience with
> information about the concerns for shared hosts?

We have not created this document, but we could create one based on the
questions and answers.

> We have plenty of disk with this host - is the Linux Installer an option
> for individual installs?  We don't have shell access so we'd need to do all
> command-line operations via remote/cron-executed scripts.

Not really, you should use the RPMs and configure mod_mono with Apache
(the installer does not come with the Apache module, which is version
and distribution specific).

> Some dependencies and components would need to be removed, since for
> example, we don't need Gtk# on a system that's not serving thick-client
> apps, and they're running Apache and we wouldn't be able to run XSP.

Just do not install Gtk#


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