[Mono-list] *** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x0a574240 ***

Nikki Locke nikki at trumphurst.com
Fri May 26 13:30:03 EDT 2006

Robert Jordan wrote:
> From other mails you've sent to the list, I saw that you're probably 
> using the Mono-Installer distribution. I wonder whether 
> /usr/lib/libgdiplus.so is correct. I'm not familiar with the 
> Mono-Installer, so please check if it contains 
> /opt/mono-1.1.15/lib/libgdiplus.so. If yes, assure it's found before 
> /usr/lib/libgdiplus.so. 

I've progressed from there. I am now building mono from the source, downloaded in 


Following the build instructions at 


which are

Unpack the Mono runtime distribution: 

tar xzvf mono-X.XX.tar.gz; cd mono-X.XX

Then configure, compile and install: 

/configure --prefix=/usr/local; make; make install

(slightly modified, to ./configure --prefix=/opt/mono-1.1.15; make; make install)

did not create a libgdiplus.so library in /opt/mono-1.1.15/lib.

I am now downloading libgdiplus-1.1.15.tar.gz, and will see if I can work out how to compile it. 
That might solve a lot of my problems.

Any chance you could modify the instructions so they tell you you have to compile libgdiplus, and 

> > Any suggestions what to do now? 
> Compile Mono from SVN and don't forget to update libgdiplus as well. 
> There were 100s of SWF bug fixes since the last 1.1.15 release. 
> See 
> http://www.mono-project.com/Compiling_Mono#Building_Mono_from_the_Subversion_Repository 
> If the issue persists, try to separate a small test case and file it 
> at http://www.mono-project.com/Bugs. 

If the problem does persist (which I now hope it won't - I've obviously been running with mono-
1.1.15, but a much older libgdiplus), making a small test case is going to be hard - the 
application worked a couple of days ago, I added a couple of lines of code (none of which are 
anything to do with the GUI), and now it sometimes crashes. 

Thanks for all your help - now I understand why my setup is so flaky - my stupidity in following 
the instructions given exactly, rather than reading between the lines.

Nikki Locke, Trumphurst Ltd.      PC & Unix consultancy & programming

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