[Mono-list] Compiling .NET programs to EXE files that runwithout Mono/NET Framework

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Thu May 25 01:25:45 EDT 2006

hello Tuck,

> I honestly have doubts over his technical concerns. I think Mono's working 
> fine and you have a consulting service from Novell to help out. What I think 
> would be nice though is for a webpage to list down Mono implementations 
> running in production in big companies to give technical vendors the 
> confidence level that the big boys are using it (especially if mono's 
> ASP.NET is used in production). As for Legal concerns, I need your advice on 
> this one. Based on your website's FAQ, it's using the Windows APIs that are 
> probably going to be the issue. The application uses ASP.NET, WinForms and 
> ADO.NET. While the vendor can probably use GTK# to get around WinForms, is 
> there any compatible API to replace ASP.NET and ADO.NET? What really is the 
> risk exposure for a company to use Mono to run these APIs?

There are a number of companies using Mono, you can see this information


Now, most of those uses of Mono ran into limitations, bugs or
performance problems at some point or another, and for the most part
those issues have been solved.

The early adopters ran into more problems than the later adopters;  So
its possible that you will run into less problems, but this will depend
on how mainstream your application is, and if you run into problems, we
will certainly look into the bugs and you can certainly depend on a
Novell contract to get those bugs fixed in a timely fashion if you need

As for legal exposure, you should read the FAQ and you should seek legal
council because I can not give you any legal advise, nor am a lawyer

> Thanks in advance for your advice. Oh, by the way, will we see a source code 
> -> native image compiler anytime soon? Just fantasizing on the ability to 
> compile to native code in Linux. That would be a 1 up for Mono against .NET, 
> wouldn't it? <smile>

There is already one, read the mkbundle man page.


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