[Mono-list] Mono Live + Firebird - work in progress this summer

marius popa mapopa at gmail.com
Mon May 15 11:19:29 EDT 2006

I will create an Firebird Live Cd  + mono applications this summer (be it if
i'm accepted for

google summer of code or not)

Here is the list of application i intend to add to the dapper live cd

Desktop Applications (written in Mono)
        Beagle - Desktop Search
        Blam - Blog Reader
        F-Spot - Photo Album
        Muine - Music Player
        Tomboy - Simple Note-Taking

    Web Applications (ASP.NET)
        ASP.NET Forums - 1.0 on Firebir (if it works or will be ported)
        BlogX - Weblog Engine
        IBuySpy - Portal on Firebird (if it works or will be ported)
        mojoPortal - Community Portal
        nGallery - Web Photo Gallery

    Developer Tools (Mono and non-Mono)
        MonoDevelop - Mono IDE
        Monodoc - Documentation Browser
        Glade - GTK+ / Gtk# GUI Builder
        FirebirdSQL- Best Open Source Database
        Flamerobin - Graphical Firebird Administration and Development Tool

    Other Useful Tools (Optional)
        FireFox - Web Browser
        Gaim - Multi-protocol Messaging Client
        GIMP - Image Editor
        XChat IRC - Internet Relay Chat Client (configured to connect to
fellow Mono users)

Read more at www.mono-live.org/Defau...<http://www.mono-live.org/Default.aspx?pageindex=2&pageid=11>

developer flamerobin.org
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