[Mono-list] Deploying Mono GUI Applications

Francisco T. Martinez martinf at mfconsulting.com
Thu May 18 16:08:16 EDT 2006

Bruce wrote:
> I am an experienced C# programmer under Windows, but I am rather new
> to Linux and Mono. We are looking at our options under Linux to create
> a simple GUI application around a library and driver written in C that
> accesses proprietary hardware. It looks like Mono would fit the bill,
> but I have concerns about deployment. This needs to be a
> straightforward installation for our customers. Does Mono need to be
> installed on the target machine, or can we just deploy the mono
> executable and required assemblies along with our application files?

Yes, Mono does need to be installed on the machine that will be expected
run an application that requires the Mono runtime.  It is possible to
create executable files that package in them all the functionality that
would otherwise would be searched and match at runtime against the Mono
Global Assembly Cache.  You may want to research one of Mono's tools
called mkbundle.  Do this by typing mkbundle --help or by using man
pages like so:

man mkbundle.

However, if you are planning deploying your applications in Windows you
could be using Gtk# Installers for MS .NET Framework.  There is also a
new project I have been working on that may interest you.  It is an
application packager or rather an Installer creator with Mono Win32
application deployment in mind.  You could learn a bit more here:


Hope this helps,


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