[Mono-list] Ftp Client Online

Tony G s7oawcn02 at sneakemail.com
Wed May 17 11:45:27 EDT 2006

Herman Vega wrote:
> Hi  guys!
> it's possible make an software that i can upload files to any ftp
> server but with nice local disk browser for locate local files (web
> client)? ... like a two column local disk/remote disk software native
> ftp client but this online (web interface), with features like drag &
> drop from local disk to remote disk?
> the real problem is: how i can browse my local disk (in web client) to
> upload files to remote ftp server? html input type file it's very
> basic and ocx control it's not very nice to users.
> regards

You're asking for a lot there.  I can't offer a solution, only point to
some similar work.

Chris Richner, (aka Jerry Maguire aka Raccoom) has published a lot of
material on populating treeviews using data providers which use the local
drive, FTP, or other sources.  It's really great work.  See his website for
the open source TreeViewFolderBrowser, and links to many articles:

Be aware that some of his C# code is heavily Win32-specific at the moment.
It is not drag-n-drop aware, completely plug-n-play, or even coded for
Mono, but it's about as close as you're going to get to really well coded,
object oriented code that should be a good exercise for porting to Mono ...
and then you can post it somewhere for the rest of us to view and enhance
your fine handiwork.

Also note that his code is for thick-client, not thin - Chris has not
written similar ASP.NET / webclient treeview code.  The security issues
with such a thing are horrific.  Maybe you can learn from the code that
exists and come up with something that satisfies your needs.


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