[Mono-list] Bug (?) in SqliteDataReader

Nikki Locke nikki at trumphurst.com
Wed May 17 05:30:02 EDT 2006

T Senganal wrote:
> Hi 
> >>> nikki at trumphurst.com 05/16/06 8:00 PM >>> 
> > This indicates that DateTime.Parse will not reverse the action of 
> > DateTime.ToString, which I consider to be another bug. Running the 
> same 
> > program on Windows using Microsoft.NET gives the correct answer. 
> i cant reproduce the issue (tried with different cultures).. anyways, if 
> u r sure abt it file a bug report with a testcase.. 

That's interesting. Where does Mono get its culture information from by 
default? In my environment I have LANG=en_GB.UTF-8 - would that be it?

> > By the way,  If I want to be friendly, what do I call you - Senganal, 
> > or T? And what does the "T" stand for? 
> u can call me 'senga' .. Well, T stands for Thirunavukkarasu :-) 
> (surname) 

Thanks. I did wonder if your culture stored surnames the other way round to 
mine - no wonder the behaviour of DateTime is different :-)

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