[Mono-list] Re: full duplex sockets and threads

Oleg Deribas oleg at td.kharkov.ukrtel.net
Mon May 8 09:02:38 EDT 2006


Robert Jordan said the following on 08.05.2006 15:50:

>> And what if I use asynchronous calls - BeginSend/BeginReceive?
>> Should I provide some sort of my own synchronization mechanism then?
> These are thread safe.

Thanks for your answer, it's great! There is another thing I would like
to know - what if I will simultaneously call BeginSend several times
from several different threads? Will these calls form some sort of
internal queue and will they complete in the FIFO order? Or maybe I
should create this queue myself and call each BeginSend only when
previous call completed?
And if so, will it be portable to microsoft's frameworks - 1.1 and 2.0?

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