[Mono-list] 64 bit makefile problem with the current tarballs

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Fri May 5 17:56:42 EDT 2006


I think I may have unearthed a problem in the makefiles currently in the
tarballs which only becomes apparent under 64 bit systems.

Currently, in the Makefile.am files, the pc files are placed into
$prefix/lib/pkgconfig - this is not a problem with 32 bit architecture,
but is with 64 bit systems which places .pc files into

Not initially a problem until you then compile something which relies on
the package previously built. The new package looks in
$prefix/lib64/pkgconfig, doesn't find it and then stops.

If the makefile.am is altered to be


and the configure script exports either libdir="lib" or "lib64" this
should sort the problem once and for all.

Any thoughts on this?


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