[Mono-list] Httpserveurutility.Mappath doesn't return valid result

Xavier Mauclaire xavier.mauclaire at geoter.fr
Tue May 2 03:54:09 EDT 2006

I'm developping asp.net application with VS2003 to be installed under mono
on Linux
On windows, i work with IIS and on LInux with Apache2
On both web server a created an /tmp virtual directory (alias under apache )
When a want do get the physical directory of "/tmp" i use the
.net send me the c:\inetup\tmp
Under linux i created the /srv/www/tmp directory aliased to "/tmp"
The same function doesn't return the "/srv/ww/tmp" directory but the stored
site directory (/home/site)
which function can i use to get the good physical directory corresponding to
the /tmp alias


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