[Mono-list] mono service/SCM on linux how to

Nate Chadwick nate.chadwick at gmail.com
Mon May 1 18:05:50 EDT 2006


I was worried about the debugging thing.  The best thing I can think
of is implementing fairly heavy log4net style logging.

This leads me to another question on the conf files for the service. I
know typically linux service oriented apps place configuration files
into /etc/.  With .NET apps defaulting to <appname>.dll.config in the
same dir as the executable, is the standard approach to symlink the
config file to a proper location in /etc/?

My target platform for production is SuSe though I have a couple of
other flavors in the engineering to QA to production loop still



On 5/1/06, Andreas Färber <andreas.faerber at web.de> wrote:
> Hi Nate,
> > I have been trawling the list archives and the mono site on the
> > recommended approach for writing / deploying a windows service to
> > target linux but haven't been able to find a good reference.
> The "good reference" depends pretty much on the Linux distribution you
> are targetting. Most documentation and links in the list archive are
> about Novell's SuSE Linux; I managed to get it working on Fedora Core
> (and Solaris) based on that, using documentation for native
> daemons/services.
> > What is the current recommended approach for developing and deploying
> > services with mono on linux?
> >
> > Basically I am looking to port a windows service so that it runs via
> > /etc/init.d/natesnuclearservice start | stop | restart etc.
> Usually this involves having a distribution-specific shell script that
> spawns mono-service (or mono-service2 for .NET 2.0) and interacts with
> it via PID and signals.
> During initial development getting your service to work can be a little
> tricky as exceptions or Mono crashes are not logged. You might need to
> figure out how to manually call Mono with the managed mono-service class
> to see its output on the console.
> As for deployment, that depends on the system as well - so far I've only
> worked with Solaris packages but it should also be possible through RPMs
> or Debian packages just like installing native daemons.
> > I saw a few threads refer to a mono-service but they seemed a couple
> > years old?
> The most up-to-date mono-service options are available through "man
> mono-service". :-)
> And no, there are also more recent posts on this topic, e.g. by me
> around February, also some earlier related posts on the topic of running
> XSP as daemon.
> HTH,
> Andreas

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