[Mono-list] How to change the priority of a Gstreamer thread?

Julien Sobrier julien at sobrier.net
Mon May 1 00:29:58 EDT 2006

I have a Gstreamer Thread (Gst.Thread from the 0.8 gst-sharp binding),
and I would like to change its priority. It is very hard to find
documentation or examples about gst-sharp. Here is what I could find out:
* from gst-api.raw, there seems to be a Priority property:
<object name="Thread" cname="GstThread" parent="GstBin">
      <field cname="thread_id" type="GThread*"/>
      <field cname="priority" type="GThreadPriority"/>
      <field cname="_gst_reserved" array_len="GST_PADDING" type="gpointer"/>
      <property name="Priority" cname="priority"
type="GstThreadPriority" readable="true" writeable="true"/>

* I couldn't find the GThread or GThreadPriority object from the GLib
doc for Mono (http://www.go-mono.com/docs/monodoc.ashx?link=N%3aGLib)

I guess the code should look like this:

using Gst;
Gst.Thread thread = new Gst.Thread("thread");
thread = new Gst.Thread("thread");

But I get these errors:
error CS0117: `Gst.Thread' does not contain a definition for `Priority'
error CS0103: The name `GThreadPriority' does not exist in the context
of `....' (expected since I don't know where to find GThreadPriority).

Does anybody knows how I can change the priority of a gstreamer thread?

Thank you

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