[Mono-list] Forums software for Mono?

marius popa mapopa at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 03:37:37 EST 2006

On 3/30/06, Paddy Joy <mono at paddyjoy.com> wrote:
> Any news on the mono forums? :-)
> Paddy
> > Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> >
> >> Hello,
> >>
> >>    A lot of people have asked us about hosting some official forums
> >> for Mono.   Am not a fan of them, but I can see the appeal of these
> >> things.
> >>
> >>    If we were to host this, we would probably want to run this on top
> >> of Mono itself, does anyone have any recommendations for an
> >> ASP.NET-based open source forums software?
> >>
> >> Miguel.
> >>
> >>
> > I asked this months ago.. I then took it upon myself to get the Mono
> > forums software down to a less-buggy and PostgreSQL 8 compatible.  The
> > guy that owns the project contacted me and asked if I wanted write
> > perms, but either I wasn't clear or the email got lost, because I
> > never heard back.  Anyhow, I've got a local version I'll be making
> > available if everyone can wait a bit.
> >
> > (Sorry for the self advertising.) I'm going to making a Mono forums
> > that runs on Mono available here shortly. (Within Feb and hopefully
> > within the next two weeks.)
> >
> > Current place to see the development for the forum is
> > http://forum.themp3pool.com/ That sites not live yet, but will be
> > quite soon so feel free to click around.  Any bug fixers would
> > certainly be appreciated as well.

Yet another  asp.net  forum  dnfBB (open source)
dnfBB is a powerful and fast 3 Tier, C# / .Net discussion board or forum.
With native support for multiple forums within the same database structure.
Initially designed to work with Firebird and MySQL, with support for
additonal RDBMSs in the future.

Here is the live version http://dnfbb.fbtalk.net/
and the download page

developer flamerobin.org
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