[Mono-list] RE: Send mail with mono

Michael Schurter michael at synthesyssolutions.com
Mon Mar 27 15:34:26 EST 2006

fedotenko wrote:
> Thanks! But that was not exactly what i was looking for. I dont want to
> depend on someone elses smtp server, i want to set up my own. Both for the
> fun of it and as i said not depend on another server.

Many mail servers won't accept unauthenticated e-mail from a dynamic IP 
address (unless its the ISP that owns that IP address).  So if you're 
hoping to send mail directly from a home computer to the destination 
mail server, you'll probably be rejected often.

> Ps. are there any public free smtp servers one could send mail through?

If there are, they'll probably be blocked by even the most conservative 
anti-spam filters.

Michael Schurter

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