[Mono-list] Re: could linux be MORE .Net then windows ?

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Mar 27 06:54:42 EST 2006


> However, this isn't entirely correct.  IIRC, the .NET runtime can be
> instantiated and embedded through normal COM interfaces.  Result: no
> explicit link between an embedding app and the .NET runtime, unless you
> want to disassemble the whole thing and look for the .NET runtime
> GUID....  So running `dumpbin.exe devenv.exe /headers` won't give you
> the correct result.

This is correct. Since they didn't change the shell being complete
managed, there still must be plenty of COM interfaces lurking around.
Those interface could be, and I bet they are, implemented by some
assemblies this guy was not able to find ;-)

He also didn't check the registry for COM objects implemented
by managed assemblies.

The story reminds me of a similar FUD that circulated just
before Win95 has been released: MS intended not to use
COM in the shell. The response was: "What? COM is dead??" ;-)


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