[Mono-list] could linux be MORE .Net then windows ?

ted leslie tleslie at tcn.net
Mon Mar 27 04:28:42 EST 2006

This article, with at least a bit of (hopefully accurate) research behind it,
seems to state a shocking conclusion:


"My conclusion is that Microsoft has lost its confidence in .NET. They implement very little of their own code using .NET. The framework is provided as part of the operating system, but this is so that code written by third party developers can run on Vista without the large download of the framework. Supplying the .NET runtime for third party developers in this way is similar to Microsoft supplying msvbvm60.dll as part of XP."

now seeing this,
is it possible, by the time Vista comes out, that a linux OS distro at that time (Feb 2007?)
could in fact have (epecially if gnome installed) MORE ".Net" to it then
even  MS's new OS line of Vista?

Mono could end up being more relevent for linux - then  .Net is to Vista. Who would have ever guessed
that 3 years ago!


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