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Lieven lieven at quasar3d.nl
Sun Mar 26 07:30:50 EST 2006


I tried to compile the latest version of monodevelop from the svn, and it  
seems to have a problem with finding nunit.core and nunit.framework, even  
though they are both in my gac.

So I tried to compile a test program which only referes to  
nunit.framework, and it also failed to find it. After looking in the  
source of mcs, I have the impression that I always have to pass the fully  
qualified name of an assembly to the -r argument, including it's version  
number and everything.

So my question: What is supposed to be passed to the -r argument? Should  
it be the fully qualified name with version and everything, or is simply  
nunit.framework enough?

I looked in the driver.cs file of mcs, and it seems to load the referenced  
assemblies using the Assembly.Load function. This gives me the idea that  
you will have to reference assemblies using their fully qualified name.
Isn't it supposed that nunit.framework should be enough? In that case, I  
think mcs should use the Assembly.LoadWithPartialName function?


Lieven van der Heide

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