[Mono-list] Does GMCS support the default constructor constraint? (null ref excep.)

Julien Sobrier julien at sobrier.net
Wed Mar 22 21:50:32 EST 2006

Ben Joldersma wrote:
> Hello all, I'm trying to compile my .net 2.0 application to mono
> <>.  I'm getting the following error from nant
> (I'm using the latest binary.)   My project builds corrrectly with .net
> 2.0.  There are several places in my project were I require the new()
> constraint.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
> --ben

I was about to ask the same question: some of my classes have an implied
constructor MyClass(), but it looks like I have to include this
explicitly with gmcs, otherwise I get the error
 WARNING **: Missing method .ctor in assembly ... a run time

I'll look deeper into this.


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