[Mono-list] Debian Sarge/Postgresql/Mono error - SOLVED

Chris Aitken chris at ion-dreams.com
Tue Mar 21 11:49:46 EST 2006

> I noticed this issue on a work server (mono 
> installer-1.1.10). Removing mono solved the issue. Issue now 
> apparent on webserver with latest mono(1.1.13-4).
> chimera:/home/mono/public_html# /etc/init.d/postgresql start 
> Starting PostgreSQL database server: postmaster(FAILED)
> ERROR: /usr/lib/postgresql/bin/pg_controldata: relocation error:
> /opt/mono- undefined symbol: BC
> /usr/lib/postgresql/bin/pg_id: relocation error:
> /opt/mono- undefined symbol: BC
> /usr/lib/postgresql/bin/pg_ctl: line 114: [: -eq: unary 
> operator expected
> ERROR: PostgreSQL postmaster did not start because of an 
> unknown reason.
> PostgreSQL's init script (/etc/init.d/postgresql) attempted 
> to start the postmaster, however, this failed because of an 
> unknown reason.
> This should not happen and is a serious problem. Please 
> examine the situation (please take a look at the log files). 
> If you know the reason why it failed and, then please file a 
> bug report to Debian (unless the reason is something obvious 
> like a full disk).
> Debian PostgreSQL
> Logfiles for postgresql report much the same:
> /usr/lib/postgresql/bin/postmaster: relocation error:
> /opt/mono- undefined symbol: BC

By removing the export
LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/opt/mono-$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" line from
/root/.bashrc the issue is solved.


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