[Mono-list] Dependency issues with 1.1.13

Tony G s7oawcn02 at sneakemail.com
Thu Mar 16 13:49:50 EST 2006

peter wrote:
> Tony G wrote:
>> I'm coming at Mono from a Win32/.NET perspective so my questions
>> about RPM versioning might be silly to some of you. This is the
>> second time I've tried to install Mono. The first was many months
>> ago and I got stuck in a web of dependencies. I'm trying again with
>> v1.1.13 and just got stuck with similar issues. I'm not a Linux/RPM
>> stud here, so please forgive me if there is an easy answer to what
>> seems like dependency hell:      
> I don't know what anyone else will say, but from where I sit if you're
> new to the Linux/RPM stuff you should use something like Red Carpet
> that will sort all that stuff out for you.

Let's assume I'm not new to this.  What can be done to get Mono to
cohabitate with other packages with different versions of dependent

> I guess the first thing you would have to do would be to reverse
> anything you've done.  Then you'd have to get Red Carpet or whatever,
> set it up and go from there.
> The actual tool to use would depend on your distribution, I guess.  I
> use SuSE and Red Carpet works fine for me, but I don't know about
> other distributions.
> Peter

Thanks for the suggestion.  I'm using CentOS 4.2 which is based on RHES.
I've never used Red Carpet but if it gets around this issue I may try it.
With RPM, Yum, up2date, and apt available, doesn't it seem like overkill to
add yet another package manager to a system?  I see there is a potential
issue with Mono and Red Carpet anyway:
The distributions.xml file was never updated for this distro, though I can
understand the stock file can't be updated for every distro/release.

It was also suggested that I just use the Linux Installer:
In the long term I'd really like to understand and address the problem
rather than working around it.  But to start working with Mono now, sure,
I'll use the installer for both Linux and Win32.  This will also help for
quick deployment of anything I write.

Thanks again.

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