[Mono-list] Mono and LVS...

Dan Brown danb at zu.com
Fri Mar 10 14:00:11 EST 2006

I am running a pair of linux Fedora FC4 servers with Apache 2 and MySQL 5.0.
This pair of servers are running in an LVS (linux virtual server)
environment using high availability and load balancing.  I also am using
Mono 1.1.13 with mod_mono on these servers along with a separate backend
server running MS SQL Server for those that need it.  At the moment, all of
the mono sites which require logins or session data are running only as high
availability sites as LVS doesn't transmit session data between the servers
for mono.

Is anyone else doing this? How would I transmit the session data between

Dan Brown
Systems Administration - DBA - HD
danb at zu.com

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