[Mono-list] Advantages Of Mono Over .Net 2.0

mail.matt.mcdonald at gmail.com mail.matt.mcdonald at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 05:32:54 EST 2006

I'm about to start working on a new GUI application and I'm trying to decide
between targeting mono or .NET2.0, and I'd appreciate a little feedback from
the community to help me make up my mind. The big question is this: besides
the fact that IL can JIT cross platform, what are the advantages of using
mono over .net2.0?

As an aside, I'd also like to know now well mono works with third party
controls? Does anyone have experience with using it with things like
Actipro, Infragistics, or Sandock? In practice how well do these carry over
cross platform?

I apologize in advance if I'm being a little vague on the specifics of the
project. I'm a big fan of mono and I'd love to use it in a production
environment, however I need some compelling reasons to do so in order to be
able to.
	-Matt McDonald

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