[Mono-list] Solaris 7, compiling a minimal mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Mon Mar 6 14:46:30 EST 2006


> iam having a solris 7 box running on an intel chip. I want to install
>  mono on it, but without the gui lib's. So only the runtime and the
>  compiler. The machine should host in future C# apps, but only console
>  based one's. Is there a way to compile a minimal mono, without the
>  graphical dependencies on solaris 7?

Yes, just limit yourself to building "mono".

If you want to use System.Drawing (say, to generate a GIF file for a web
page), you need libgdiplus as well.

> What libraries do i need on solaris for compiling mono?

pkg-config, glib2, mono.

libgdiplus requires a number of graphics libraries: gif, tiff, png.
See the configure script.


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