[Mono-list] mod_mono MAKE confused on Apache version

apocalypznow apocalypznow at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 19:59:47 EST 2006

I did a CONFIGURE before a MAKE to build mod_mono for Apache 2.2, and 
here is the configure command and summary info:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache2 
Configuration summary for mod_mono
    * Installation prefix = /usr/local/apache2
    * Apache version = 1.3
    * Apache modules directory = /usr/local/apache2/modules
    * apxs = /usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs
    * Verbose logging (debug) = no
    * mono prefix = /opt/mono-
    * Default MonoApplicationsConfigDir = 

Everything seems right except for the Apache version, which should be 
2.2.  As a result, MAKE gives me compile errors.

When I give the same above CONFIGURE command except without specifying 
--with-apr-config, I don't get a resulting summary, and instead I get 
"Confused on apache version.".

I am using Mandrake 9 with the apache2.2 source distribution and mono and mod_mono 1.1.13.

How do I solve this?

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