[Mono-list] OSX/x86 test image available

Timothy Graupmann tgraupmann at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 2 14:08:18 EST 2006

I just saw on the Mono home page, there is an image available:

What kind of software plays a dmg image?

--- Timothy Graupmann <tgraupmann at yahoo.com> wrote:

> This isn't answering your question. But your question made me think about the
> free VMWare player.
> http://www.vmware.com/download/player/
> Which uses virtual machines.
> Suse 10 has a pre-installed Linux virtual machine:
> http://developer.kde.org/~binner/vmware/
> It would be cool if the Mono project maintained a developer virtual machine
> like this. So anyone could just download the image and jump right into Mono
> development!
> That would be most excellent,
> ~Tim

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