[Mono-list] mod_mono error with native code?

Mark Hannessen mark at nperfection.com
Sat Jul 29 13:03:11 EDT 2006

Op zaterdag 29 juli 2006 11:48, schreef u:
> Hello,
> > I ran into a problem with ifolder/mono/apache.
> > the apache server runs fine, mod_mono loads and when I go to
> >
> > http://localhost/ifolder
> >
> > I get a lovely login screen.
> >
> > but when I try to log in, the error beneath gets logged.
> > there appears to be some sort of problem with System.EnterpriseServices
> > does anyone know what is wrong here and how to approach the problem?
> > (or atleast how to find out on what native library's this function
> > depends)

> You did not install that library, make sure that you install the
> package, it is usually a separate package.

Well, I did find this file on my system:

but It doesn't work, it keeps giving this message.
I think (guess) it's missing something it needs to run, but I have no idea how 
to find out.


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