[Mono-list] Composite Control in Code-Behind

Mats Nilsson mats at tux.se
Thu Jul 27 19:52:28 EDT 2006


Is there someone who could help me with a problem using the FormView control
in Mono. I´m trying to create a composite control containing a FormView.

I have created the composite control an tested i in a declared 
environment. In other
words putted in an .aspx page file. It works fine with databinding and 
all, but when
trying to add the control to the same page using programatically adding 
in code-behind.
I receive no datadindings and the FormView fields are all empty.

I have added the control by using the following code in the .aspx.cs file:

MyControl ctrl = new MyControl();
ctrl.ID = "MyID";

It works fine in VS2005 with the development server!


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