[Mono-list] Can anyone recommend a DB query analyzer app that will run using Mono on Windows?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sun Jul 23 13:23:43 EDT 2006


    I should probably be more specific, here are a few things that would
be nice to add to the MonoQuery stuff:

	* A table designer.

	* A table explorer, once am connected to a database, it would be
	  nice to be able to see the tables defined in the database.

	* Tooltips for the various icons, not knowing what they are, its
	  hard to figure out what am supposed to get.

	* Per-backend dialog box, for the SQLite, it would be nice if it
	  had something like "filename" for the backing store, right now
	  I have to lookup the manual to figure out how to use it.

	* Maybe an extension to the above, we could probably have a 
	  help or textual help somewhere that describes what are the
	  other possible optional arguments, for those of us that do
	  not know much about databases, to be "soft-landed" into this

	* Once I disconnect from a database, there is no easy way to
	  reconnect.  Or I could not figure out how.

	* I do not know what "SQL Definition" is supposed to do, there
	  is some kind of empty space, but I do not know what to do 
	  with it.


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