[Mono-list] tracing aspx for HTTP 500 error

Scott Williams scott.williams at leaseharbor.com
Sat Jul 22 13:21:04 EDT 2006

Robert Jordan wrote:

> May I ask you why do you need it?

We use it for development debugging.  In this case our error handling is 
throwing an exception that a form value is not parsing to an excepted type. 
Trace is a quick way to see the details of the request.

> If you need true persistent logging you should consider hooking
> the HttpApplication.Error event and log the errors to a file
> or simply to stderr, which is apache's error log, if you're
> using mod_mono. Log4net is also an option.

On Windows our exception handing writes to the event log, which is then 
forwarded to a syslog server.  We haven't ported this part to Linux/xsp yet, but 
I suspect we will simply have our exception handling log directly to the syslog 
server, as well as log to a local file.

We are using xsp directly now rather than mod_mono.  We may add Apache back in 
once we have reconciled the differences between our application running on 
Windows/IIS and Linux/xsp.

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