[Mono-list] Can anyone recommend a DB query analyzer app that will run using Mono on Windows?

Bill Seddon bill.seddon at lyquidity.com
Thu Jul 20 04:03:45 EDT 2006

The subject says it all.  There are plenty of examples that run under
.NET but I've been unable to find one that will run successfully (or at
all) under Mono. Maybe I just don't know how to compile them for Mono?
A query analyzer that runs as a web app would be OK as well.

Bill Seddon

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I think its a bug. In either the Connector or Mono, i dont know, but
i use mono 1.1.15, it works fine.


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> Hello,
> Thank your reply's:
>> The MySQL server is probably not configured to accept
>> network connections. You can test this with
>>        telnet localhost 3306
>> Comment out the "skip-networking" directive from /etc/my.cnf.
>> Robert
>> (In case you are working with ASP.NET)
>> This happens to me everytime following a XSP restart. I wait like ten
>> seconds then it works.
>> Pedro
> I am using Apache/mod_mono (ASP.NET 2.0), but if i use ASP.NET it
> the same error as a normal app. I am sure MySQL accepts network
> connections, because i can connect to the MySQL server from another
> machine. And the "skip-networking" directive isnt in the /etc/my.cnf
> Florian

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