[Mono-list] mono 1.1.15 outputcache

jim hunt jim at helvector.com
Wed Jul 19 12:44:18 EDT 2006

thanks robert
but now i use 'ServerAndClient' it doesn't seem to cache at all
<%@ OutputCache Duration="3000" VaryByParam="*"
Location="ServerAndClient" %> 
it always shows me a new version of the page...no matter what 
else i do
any ideas how i can get this working at all...or is it just a bit
or have i got something mixed up now?
i'll report the it anyhow
cheers again for your response

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	The VaryByParam="None" semantics are not implemented in Mono.
	Use a true parameter name or "*" instead.
	Instead of Location="Server", use "ServerAndClient".
	Please file a bug at http://mono-project.com/Bugs.
	> hey
	> quick update, i updated to 1.1.16 and am still experiencing
exactly the
	> same sitation (was just to confirm i hadn't done anything
silly to my
	> 1.1.15
	> installation) and it seems that the outputcache is mostly
working, it
	> either
	> returns the page the first time, or after the cache expires,
but when it
	> should
	> return from the cache it just responds with a blank page. how
does mono
	> store this cache? is there somewhere i need to allow mono to
write in
	> the
	> filesystem or something? any ideas?
	> cheers again
	> jim
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	>       Subject: mono 1.1.15 outputcache
	>       hey
	>       quick question - should outputcache work ok on 1.1.15?
(fedora 5
	> apache mod_mono)
	>       i just added the following at the top of an aspx page to
see and
	> it to test
	>       <%@ OutputCache Duration="300" Location="Server"
	> VaryByParam="None"%>
	>       now the first time i hit the page it comes back fine,
but after
	> that it just comes
	>       back blank
	>       is there anything else i need to do to allow page and
	> caching in mono?
	>       also, little asp.net question thats related, does anyone
	> how to cache
	>       the output of ashx handler pages?
	>       thanks in advance
	>       jim
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