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jim hunt jim at helvector.com
Wed Jul 19 12:01:15 EDT 2006

quick update, i updated to 1.1.16 and am still experiencing exactly the 
same sitation (was just to confirm i hadn't done anything silly to my
installation) and it seems that the outputcache is mostly working, it
returns the page the first time, or after the cache expires, but when it
return from the cache it just responds with a blank page. how does mono
store this cache? is there somewhere i need to allow mono to write in
filesystem or something? any ideas?
cheers again

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	quick question - should outputcache work ok on 1.1.15? (fedora 5
apache mod_mono) 

	i just added the following at the top of an aspx page to see and
it to test

	<%@ OutputCache Duration="300" Location="Server"

	now the first time i hit the page it comes back fine, but after
that it just comes 
	back blank

	is there anything else i need to do to allow page and partial
caching in mono?

	also, little asp.net question thats related, does anyone know
how to cache
	the output of ashx handler pages? 

	thanks in advance


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