[Mono-list] MySQL Connector

Florian Hester florian at nedlinux.nl
Mon Jul 17 15:59:25 EDT 2006


Thank your reply's:

> The MySQL server is probably not configured to accept
> network connections. You can test this with
>        telnet localhost 3306
> Comment out the "skip-networking" directive from /etc/my.cnf.
> Robert

> (In case you are working with ASP.NET)
> This happens to me everytime following a XSP restart. I wait like ten
> seconds then it works.
> Pedro

I am using Apache/mod_mono (ASP.NET 2.0), but if i use ASP.NET it gives
the same error as a normal app. I am sure MySQL accepts network
connections, because i can connect to the MySQL server from another
machine. And the "skip-networking" directive isnt in the /etc/my.cnf file.


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